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i 29

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HS- i29

The i29 boasts one of the msot intuitive mechanisms on the market. With 3 easy to use pictorial controls on the right hand side, operating seat height, seat depth, and advanced dynamic movement. The mechanism can also be locked at any angle. This works like a knee tilt mechanism with the first articulation at the underside of the thighs and the second point under your sitting bones (ischial tuberosities), delivering constant support in active mode and reducing the pressure on the underside of the user’s thighs.


  • Thoracic Support (upper back & shoulders)
  • Floating lumbar and pelvic supporting lower back
  • Locking height-adjustable aluminium back
  • Waterfall seat for behind the knee comfort
  • Pictorial buttons – simple and easy to adjust


Chair Size: height= 185-220mm (depending on back rest angle adjustment). Width= 460-520mm (depending on angle of the armrests).

Finish Options

The i29 executive seat is available originally in black. However, you can spec your own bespoke colours and mesh pattern.

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