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5th Element

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LM- 5th element

Today there are many ways of working. Together to increase the resources, withdrawn
to be more concentrated, meeting to share. Bench, Desking and System of 5th Element
offer the proper answer to anyone of this needs completely and perfectly, to get the full
optimization of the workplace, respecting the environment.


  • 4 types of metal legs available in the system
  • Asymmetrical bridge legs on service units
  • Undertop cable tray system
  • Auxiliary electrification applied with clamps without holes
  • Sliding tops system for undertop cable inspection

Finish Options

The 5th Element desk is available in a multitude of different finishes:

  1. Vert poret
  2. Blanc BR
  3. Stone Gris
  4. Amarante
  5. Bleu sky
  6. Giallo fresia
  7. Noyer pavi
  8. Rovere
  9. Stone grey
  10. Antracite
  11. Wenge
  12. Rovere grey
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