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Not only can we design & fitout your dream office space with a mix of quality new & recycled office furniture but we can also take away your old furniture as part of our commitment to reduce the huge amounts of furniture sent to landfill each year.

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Go Green Recycling Initiative

Approximately 200,000 tonnes of office furniture is thrown away by British businesses each year – more than half of which is thought to be reusable in its current state and another quarter of which could be upcycled. Such waste could be significantly reduced if the furniture were reused or refurbished.

Go Green already works with businesses to help them reap the benefits of reducing waste, developing sustainable products and using resources in an efficient way.

Reuse With Go Green

The unwanted furniture will then be looked over by our team and sorted into three sections of the facility. The good quality furniture will look to be resold and go back into circulation. If some furniture can be repaired and cleaned up, it will then be ready for reuse.

While any items that are beyond repair will be stripped down to their elements and sent to the appropriate recycling units. We are aiming to work with local universities to find a way of lifting the plastic coating off the desks, so they too can be broken down into elements, reused and recycled.

Our Aim

Go Green wants to drastically reduce the amount of office furniture sent to landfill and our vision is to get 100% of existing furniture either back into circulation via upcycling or recycling.


After we collect the unwanted office furniture, we will take it back to our recycling facility where it will be sorted into three categories: circulation, upcycled or recycled.


Through our ever-growing network of partners throughout mainland UK, we are able to source unwanted office furniture about to be sent to landfill and utilise it accordingly.

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