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On average, workers in the UK are sitting in their office chairs for 7.5 hours a day. Not surprisingly, back problems are the single most common reason for sick days and now more than ever, it’s important to ensure that your workspace is topped off with a high quality office chair that offers comfort and more importantly, ergonomics. 

Browse our different ranges of new office chairs below, or contact us today and we’ll get you sorted with a brand new office chair that’s perfect for you. 

Our Featured Conference & Meeting Chairs

Here’s the space to make a statement and ensure your brand and company ethos is represented. Don’t just stop at the Boardroom table. We carry a range of meeting chairs from the corporate to the funky to the practical! We can help you find what works for your space.

With a team of experienced Work-Place Consultants on hand, we can help you bring your new work-place to life!

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