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Who Said Storage Solutions Aren’t Interesting?

Climate change is a huge topic at the moment, but at Go Green we’ve been helping customers do just that for many years. The world is finally catching up and everyone is starting to do their bit for the planet.

The office environment has changed a lot over recent decades, mainly due to technology, and that trend isn’t slowing down. We looked at this in detail in a recent article.

With technological advancement you might think it’s becoming easier to go green, but there are lesser-thought-of challenges that need your consideration. Storage being a big one.


Despite many businesses moving towards paperless offices and practices, we still need paper for some things! And with more and more businesses adopting clean desk policies – where do we put all the clutter?

Let the days of shoving everything into a cupboard and praying it doesn’t burst open be a thing of the past.

Optimising your office storage does more than make your space look tidy. Efficient storage allows your office to function effectively. It will take less time to find things and to accurately order office supplies – thus reducing running costs whilst looking after the environment. Simply put, your overall working conditions will drastically improve if you invest in the right storage solutions for your space.

Let’s look at some of your options, you’ll see that storage needn’t be a boring afterthought any more…!

The Grid System

First up, the grid…

The grid system not only offers storage for all the lever arch folders a HR Manager can dream of, but it looks good too. With the ability to configure the set up however works best for your office, the system has been one of the best sellers with our clients over the past six months.

The different levels offer added space to display pictures, business awards or even the coveted employee of the month award. And with the option of planter hangers, shelves or alcoves, we can build them to suit any space.

Made from sections, the grid is perfect for creating different zones within your office. This is a simple way to adapt an open plan office to create collaboration space, meeting areas, or just to section off different departments.


Do you have a workforce full of staff turning up at 8.58am with two pairs of shoes, a laptop, coat, bag, packed lunch and cycle gear? Employees bring a lot of clutter with them, it’s not just paperwork and other office necessities that you need storage for.

Why not offer some lockable storage to staff, rather than having their personal effects piled high under desks or in the bottom drawers of their pedestals? Not only does this provide a safe place to store belongings, it keeps the aisles and general office area clear.

In the past, lockers have never really had much curb appeal, but over the past five years we’ve seen lockers get a much-needed facelift. Customisation has been a big factor in increasing sales, whether it be your logo printed on the front or just adding an injection of colour to the office work pallet, lockers really have so much more to offer. While traditional steel is still a hot favourite, some clients have opted for a mix and match of metal and wood, or even a rather fancy wood veneer.

Just like the grid system, lockers also have the secondary benefit of being able to create office zones should you wish.

Storage Walls

An oldie but a goodie!

Due to a revamp, these storage walls have never been better. Coming fully bespoke and with the introduction of lateral storage options, along with traditional rails and shelves, storage walls have become a common addition to our projects over the past year.

With the option to customise the exterior, the walls can either blend in to the background or stand out to give your space an extra wow factor.

A worthy consideration.

Planter Storage

Storage planters are a great alternative to end of desk double door cupboards.

Not only do they offer storage for each row of desking for your staff, they add some much-needed greenery to your office.
Having plants around helps increase productivity, reduce stress and increase positivity. They’re also great at absorbing sound. If you’ve got a noisy department, introducing these planters won’t only add to the visual appeal, they will help control the acoustics within your space.

Did you have any idea that plants could bring such a variety of benefits to your office?!

What’s best for you?

So you see, storage can be interesting. Especially when you understand all the options you have available as part of a modern-day ‘go green’ office re-design.

If the time is right for you to consider a change, either a full office re-fit or some subtle additions, we can help.

Talk to our specialist team today on 0151 345 3303 or email [email protected] It would be great to hear from you.

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