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Office Trends for 2020

Over the past decade, a lot’s changed. There’s so much more that now goes into creating the perfect office space for your business than there was ten years ago, and that’s a good thing.

It’s not just about picking a colour scheme, the furniture and designing a layout. Now, we go deeper.

It’s business challenges that drive the trends we see. We all want happy, productive employees and the ability to attract the best talent. We all want to ‘wow’ customers and showcase what our brand is about. And we all want a workplace that can evolve as we do.

Here we will look at the best ways to do this in 2020. What behaviour will drive future trends? What have we learnt over the last decade that will shape what happens in the next decade?

Here’s what to look out for and to consider for your own premises:

  • Vibrant workspaces with flexibility in mind
  • More outdoor space
  • Environments designed with mental wellbeing and work-life balance at the core
  • Vegan, recycled and organic fabrics
  • The inclusion of privacy

Now, let’s look at each in turn in more detail.

Vibrant flexibility

Regardless of your industry, everything evolves over time. Business moves quickly, both in terms of office trends changing and how you use your space on a day to day basis. Your office needs to be both practical and flexible.

Employees are embracing (and even expecting) a more mobile working lifestyle, a trend that isn’t likely to slow down anytime soon. It’s important to understand this when designing your space – reconfigurable furniture with movable components are a must.

Employees are embracing (and even expecting) a more mobile working lifestyle, a trend that isn’t likely to slow down anytime soon. It’s important to understand this when designing your space – reconfigurable furniture with movable components are a must.

More outdoor space

We’re seeing more and more businesses benefit from implementing some outdoor workspace. It’s used for breakout meetings, phone calls, or simply as an opportunity to escape the main office. With more mobile workers used to varied days, looking at the same walls for eight hours a day can be draining. Creating some outside space gives you the chance to mix things up!

Depending on the space available, this may or may not be possible for you, but it’s always worth consideration. It may not be easy or cheap to achieve, but the benefits can make it a good investment. Again, happier staff get better results and it’s important to be able to impress customers and attract the right talent.

We’ve all heard about the great benefits from inviting the outdoors indoors, but you can’t beat the real thing.

Global manufacturers are now offering outdoor furniture in their main catalogues, a sure-fire signal that this trend will continue to gain popularity. Investing in pieces than can survive all year round and adapt to different needs is important if you decide to go this route.

Mental and physical wellbeing

There’s been a seismic shift to put the physical and mental health of staff at the core of business strategy over the past decade. This has been the case across all business sizes and sectors.

Through the advancements in technologies, employees are now available 24/7, with most staff even checking emails on their phone before getting out of bed. It’s no secret that our working lives and personal lives are becoming more and more intertwined and therefore more social spaces are now needed in the workplace.

Games rooms, working cafés and even meditation rooms are often high on the agenda, all with employee wellbeing in mind. With many employees working longer hours outside the usual 9-5, we expect to see more spaces to accommodate new working cultures as we progress through the next decade. Gyms, yoga spaces, rejuvenation zones and homely kitchens are just the start.

Vegan, recycled and organic fabrics

It’s time to Go Green!

Sustainably sourced fabrics have been prevalent for a while now and rightly so! As technology evolves and these fabrics become more accessible at increasingly affordable rates, we expect to see them take centre stage even more.

Why opt for synthetic manmade fabrics when animal-friendly fabrics, recycled woods, plastics and organic cottons are now all at your fingertips? 


Privacy is becoming a bigger and bigger issue in society and it’s no different when it comes to office space.

Offices have become more open plan as we’ve seen a move away from the dreaded cubicles which is great, but, this hasn’t been without compromise. Open plan is naturally less private, so we’ve had to find solutions that provide privacy when it’s needed.

Whether you’re working on sensitive material, want to have a private discussion, or simply need to get away from the noise for a while, it’s important that you have somewhere in your office to go.

This has seen a growth in demand for meeting booths, phone cubicles and individual pods to combat the privacy problem.

What other options will we see enter the market in 2020? One thing’s for sure, we’re going to see a lot more innovation in creating new types of breakaway areas over the next decade.

What will you do?

There are no limitations. If you can imagine it, we can make it happen.

Technology will continue to change, working practices will continue to change, and our culture will continue to change. People expect different things than they did ten years ago – your employees, customers and any stakeholders for that matter. It’s time to make sure that you’re up with the trends.

It’s worth repeating again that if you get your office right you can:

  • Keep employees happy and motivated so you get the best out of them
  • Attract the best talent in the job market
  • Impress customers and partners

Ultimately, all this will result in more new business, more business retention and growth.

What better time to renew your office layout or furniture than at the start of a new decade? Contact us now to discuss your 2020 project. Call us on 0151 345 3303 or email [email protected]. Let’s start the planning today!

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