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Collaboration vs Calm: Create the Perfect Acoustic Office

Having an open plan office is a trend that’s showing no signs of slowing down.
The reasons are clear:

  • They look good
  • You can maximise your square footage
  • They’re ideal if you’re pressed for space

But do they come with a hidden problem?


Recent studies have shown that on average we spend half our working day directly with our colleagues, which for the most part, is great. As people we crave company, and collaboration is crucial for your business to perform at its best. A big tick for open plan offices there then.


Although it’s beneficial to interact with our colleagues, an increase in noise levels can increase stress levels and create distractions. This can make it very difficult to find some peace and quiet to get certain tasks done.
The problem with the rise in open plan offices comes when they’re not thought out thoroughly enough during the design phase.

So how do you find a balance?

The best advice we can give is, don’t let acoustics be an afterthought!

As we’ve touched on above, employees need different types of space to carry out different types of tasks. Acoustics are a cost effective way to make this possible.

If you overlook acoustics initially to cut costs, it’s often much more costly to fix the problem later. As is living with an office space that’s had acoustics overlooked entirely.

Create spaces for both collaboration and calm

By creating areas where employees can go to collaborate or discuss things not only helps combat noise around desks, but studies have shown that dedicating space for collaboration increases creative thought and quality of discussion.
Research also shows that a healthy balance of face to face communication and quiet time results in a healthy and productive working environment.

It’s clear then, your overall office space needs to have a level of versatility.

Here’s some products for you to consider to create the perfect blend between collaboration and calm.

Acoustic freestanding screens

These freestanding screens can be a great addition to your office space. Not only will they assist with improving the acoustic quality of your office, but they will allow you to zone

your space, whether it be for different departments, meeting spaces, or even for some privacy.
Available in a range of colours and patterns, they’re a great way to introduce a pop of colour and personality to your office!


Pods give you the versatility that you need. Staff can use them to make phone calls or to get some work done in a quiet, private space. We always get great feedback from pod users and for some clients they’re now considered essential elements of their office.

With the ability to customise or incorporate company colours, you can make your pod a standout aspect of your space.

Acoustic wall tiles

The tiles come in different depths to offer varying levels of sound absorption. This allows you to select the best option for each part of your space. Available in a range of different shapes and colours, they’re as much a visual feature as an acoustic one.

Looking for some sound advice?

We all know how important it is to create spaces where staff can flourish. And as much as we all love collaborating, finding some quiet time to get tasks done is just as important.

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